Helpdesk tickets - procedure for closing?

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Helpdesk tickets - procedure for closing?

Berichtdoor davefollmers » vr 13 apr 2018, 14:43


I'm curious to see how other helpdesks implement who gets to update and close out tickets in your system, and how a ticket can be ruled as completed, and thereby closed out.Lately, we've taken to implementing the policy that a ticket *cannot* be closed until the issuer of that ticket responds with a confirmation that the ticket is closed. So, if user X opens ticket Y, and I fix the problem, it can't be closed until the user responds to the ticket that it's been fixed.1)How many other shops operate with this policy? What is your opinion of it?
2)Have you found that closing tickets this way (or the way you prefer) helps reduce repeat tickets?
3)Do you feel that this level of interaction with users reduces the overall ability if your team to close out tickets in a timely fashion?

Please help.

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