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verkleuring op ei

BerichtGeplaatst: di 31 mei 2011, 18:14
door onezym
I have a question for you.
the one egg I have a strange yellow spots.
one looks like a normal,
and at one staining are yellow.
it means to be unfertilized?
Be spoiled?
eggs incubated one week at temperatures from 29-30 .
greets .

Re: verkleuring op ei

BerichtGeplaatst: di 31 mei 2011, 19:34
Hello ,

first off all it would be decend to introduce yourself in the therefore made piece of the forum.

the seccond thing i would like to point out is that this is a dutch forum and therefore we all talk dutch and we will keep on typing in dutch if you have anny questions plz use google transelate to trancelate your english tekst to dutch.

to awser your question , your egg seem to be bad the best way to be sure is to use a bright small light and push the egg against it they should glow red / pink if they are yellow / green they are bad.

Greets and thanx for understanding.